Enlightenment of the day: no two Chinese takeaways are ever exactly the same

So today is my rest day from the imperial butt challenge (and I don’t miss it) and it is also Chinese takeaway night. What is it about takeaways? They are NEVER the same. I have to say, the best Chinese din dins I have had was in Lisbon believe it or not. It was like haute cuisine compared to what we get here in Italy. Yum!
Still on the fast diet, I have calculated my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) which appears to be 2000 cals (EEEH AH, I’ve got a bag of jelly snakes in my boot!), so today I am ok as long as I stay within that limit. And I can, I shall, I will, I must, I have to (especially since I skipped lunch…. But DO not do this unless you’re an adult and you know all about the fast diet, please!)

Talking about not being an adult and specifically about being a TEENAGER: what the heck is wrong with you guys??? Looks like sometimes taking a selfie is more important that stopping violence, defending your friends….I am referring to an article which appeared in an Italian tabloid today….. for those of you who know Italian here is the link http://www.leggo.it/NEWS/MILANO/bulla_bollate_facebook_video/notizie/506744.shtml (nobody tried to stop this girl who was beating up a classmate, they all just filmed it with their mobiles!)

Please…. Try and change this trend, will you? I mean, I was still playing Barbies at your age. I am in no way saying that is a cool thing. In fact, that is SO NOT a cool thing, so forget I ever even said that. But maybe playing Barbies is not as UNcool as filming a classmate, no matter how geeky she is, while someone else kicks her head in? I mean, where have all the heroes gone? Have they all retired? Is your grandpa the only Batman we have left?
Life is such an amazing journey, try and enjoy it, try and stand up for what you believe in, don’t betray who you are. Be your own Barbie, Ken or G. I. Joe or My Little Pony… if you must! Just be something different, something COOL.

wink wink