How is it that one morning you wake up and a few years of your life have passed and you’re left wondering: where the heck did they go?

Over the past three years I’ve had a wonderful son, but I’ve also grown lazy, become slightly pudgy and can’t seem to shift my fat ass unless it’s to get to the fridge (or the restaurant).  Chewing on a banana muffin I am lazily (what else??) asking myself how is it that in your childhood, days seemed to stretch on forever, in a “golden haze” and now whole chunks of time, years are just gone in the blink of an eye? How is it that you can so easily lose enthusiasm or be defeated by the weight of things that shouldn’t, let’s face it, be that heavy after all? It’s easy to act as if some evil puppeteer is controlling our lives (well maybe someone is, like aliens who are using us like human batteries, sucking up all our energy…. hey, wait a minute, that would explain it!) but at the end of the day, the only one missing out on the potential party is yourself or me, in this case.
I wish I were like some of those people who complain that they “just cannot keep still”, you see, these people need, (need!) to be doing something all the time, to be producing, to be productive, proactive, interactive and all these wonderful, wonderful things. Sometimes it is a victory for me if I can drag myself out of bed and take a shower (yes touch of post natal depression there, but we’ll discuss that some other time, luckily for you), it is a victory if I can go grocery shopping and pick up a jacket at the dry cleaners, it is a super victory if I can do something creative, like a write a few pages of my novel, paint, draw, sing, things I used to do normally once upon a time, before this fear or laziness kicked in.

So here goes, I think it’s just time to GET IT ON! Or rather, to get on with it!

For the next 30 days I am going to try to…. (big breath) shift weight by doing the Fast diet , tackle the (in)famous butt challenge, otherwise known as the 30-day squat challenge and get the first (rough) draft of my novel completed, which I also tried doing in November by joining the amazing November Writing Months ….. I did almost get there…. but three quarters of the way in I made the mistake of re-reading what I had written….which was supposedly I big NO-NO…. and that brought on endless editing and was the beginning of the slippery slope which ends in the recycle bin on your desk top.

Why only 30 days? Cause I’m not very good at keeping promises (just like Sting 🙂 , especially those I make to myself, so…  let’s say I want to try and make it less likely for me to fail (such an ugly word!). Argh, come on! How hard can it be to stick with a plan for 30 days? Stick around and you’ll find out….